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Alabama 3 – The Charlotte, Leicester

A three quarter full Charlotte on a November Sunday, bore witness to a laid back and spiritual performance from one of contemporary music’s coolest and individual acts.

Hailing from Brixton with a Welshman and a Scotsman at the helm, Alabama 3 operate healthily outside the popular music mainstream. They have in fact been together since the late 80’s in one guise or another, and are presently touring in support of their new album, ‘Power in the Blood’.

Camping up their southern accents all they can, the London outfit’s combination of bass’n’drum loops and blues licks makes for a solid live experience.

The tunes don’t vary too much – mid-paced and danceable numbers throughout. The set is consistently good without reaching a peak at any particular point. Their style is distinguishable from everything else on the live circuit right now.
Variations of the Sopranos theme (‘Woke up this morning’) abound. No bad thing though. Main singer The Very Rev Dr D Wayne Love (Jake Black) introduces the track as having nothing to do with a ‘fat Italian’!

The inter song banter is excellent – creating a connection with the audience that is welcome in today’s live climate. The emphasis on performance is certainly evident – accents, stories, atmosphere all play their part in proceedings.

Unfortunately constant high pitched feedback hampered the show. Vocal loops did not come to the fore as they should during ’Woke Up This Morning’. All was taken in good humour by the band. Natural live performers who it would take quite a lot to knock out of their stride. And if something did, God would be on their side!

The crowd received every note, blues lick and joke in good spirit. The atmosphere was the perfect way to end a weekend. As I’ve said before – real laid back feel to everything connected to the gig. It’s what Sundays are for – spent in the company of a Preacher.

Matty P


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