Live reviews - Nils Lofgren - November 2001

Nils Lofgren – Market Harborough Leisure Centre. Leicestershire UK

This is a luxury. A musician of the calibre of Nils Lofgren. A man who’s performed alongside the likes of Neil Young, Springsteen and Ringo Starr to name but a few, playing not just for the first time in 5 years with a full band, but in your home town!

I didn’t have to subject myself to the purgatory of travelling anywhere between 15 and 50+ miles and back again, just when the drunks are being given their marching orders. No this was on my doorstep and in a venue I would really not have given consideration to, but this really worked. Was it the way the artist gave you the feeling he could just as well have been performing in your front room and not to the sell-out crowd of 750 people gathered here tonight.

The acoustics were awesome, not like many of the other shows I have attended that could have just as well have been in a cattle shed than a centrally heated sports hall. But getting back to the performance and throughout what was 90 or so minutes of main show, spanning over 30 years of hard graft in the ‘music industry’, Nils took us to corners of his repertoire many here had not forgotten. Returned for his encore, performing his country’s ‘Star Spangled Banner’, then paying homage to Springsteen and the audience gathered here. But when he did finally take to te ‘wings’ for the last time, he then proceeded to reward his public with a 45 minute signing, the likes of which I have never seen, or even bothered to attend. God bless America. Nick James
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