Live Review: JJ72

JJ72 - The Charlotte, Leicester

I've read somewhere that a JJ72 gig is one of those "had to be there moments", so here we were, the Marilyn Manson Fan Club and Placebo's support band, and that was just the audience, all hoping to lay claim to the fact that they were there at the beginning of the next big thing. But Leicester is no stranger to the JJ's, the group having played here on at least four prior occasions, which probably had something to do with the fact that there was barely enough room to breath in here tonight.

Normally you would only get one bite of the cherry to claim that "you were there!" I refer to Mansun and of course Oasis, who could be seen playing the small venues, before their rise to the next stage and the larger arenas. The JJ's have been biding their time, not wishing to make this step before they had served their apprenticeship, but after tonight that apprenticeship has been served with honors as they did their best to take the roof off this small venue.

You rarely see an audience so animated and I did even spot one set of flailing legs making their way stage bound, the wrong way. But the three teenagers on stage obviously made their point known that music is not all boy bands and heavy postproduction. There is one clever marketing tool here though and that was Hilary's divine frame on stage, a modern day Suzi Quattro but without the leather and hairy palms, crying out to the boys here tonight, to come see!

Nick James.