Interview: Utah Saints

Return of the Saints

"What Can You Do For Me?" Utah Saints asked us in 1991. Well, given the chance to speak to Tim Garbutt nine years later, I decided what HE could do for ME was tell me where in the name of Nelly they disappeared to for 5 years. I caught up with him while he threw down a gallon of coffee and cigarettes to nullify the effects of the night before….

Tim: "After the first album, we toured up to 1995 and decided to take a step back. We didn’t like the way things were going — we felt like we had to deliver "hits" all the time and we’re not that kind of band. At one point we recorded Rod Stewart’s "Do ya think I’m Sexy?" as a joke for our manager’s birthday; the next thing you know N-Trance are in the charts with it. I mean we’re quite capable of sampling an old disco track to have a hit but it’s not what we’re about."

What was Edwin Starr like to work with on ‘Funky Music’?

"He was totally cool. We wanted to work with him because of "War", one of the biggest political songs ever. Three years ago Kiss was in Leeds, which became Galaxy, and Jez had a radio show on it. "Funky music" was a the song he used to play. Anyway, Edwin Starr came in and did the vocal in one take! With some singers they need the lighting to be right or want honey and water, well we just got Edwin a sandwich and he was cool!"

How does it feel to be regarded as such a major influence on the current crop of dance acts?

"It feels cool but it’s just something other people have said. We don’t sit there patting ourselves on the back, because the competition is so strong. I love ALL the current dance acts — I’m a big fan of Underworld and the Chemicals."

What kind of show can we expect on your forthcoming tour?

"It’ll be something a little different — a cross between visuals and what we can get out of our equipment. We’ll be taking our own PA."

Well, regardless of whether they want to be a "hit" band or not, the new single looks likely to make a nice dent in the charts where they evidently belong. 5 years? Pah! It was worth the wait. See you in 2005 lads!

Tone E

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