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"You calling me Ugly?!!"

Who is ugly? Me? Possibly. The bloke on that annoying advert that’s been out for no reason in the rain while his missus gets "a great deal on a loan"? Almost certainly. Or mad music scientist Mr.Barry Ashworth? Aha. Now we’re getting somewhere, although of the label name the man himself says "You should see the state of some of the artists."

This is an exciting time for music, especially that of the techno, house, breaks, dub and disco variety with the fruition of this brand new label set up by the production and DJing maestro who is probably best known for the madness of the Dub Pistols.

Any James Bond fans out there will have already savoured the magic of Girl Eats Boy’s track "Napalm In Bohemia" for starters, as this very piece was used over footage of the lustworthy Denise Richards and sinister Robert Carlyle for the recent "The World Is Not Enough". Girl Eats Boy features the unquestionable talents of long term dance entrepeneur Lol Hammond. You probably have some recollection of some mental free parties at the beginning of the nineties that you attended. Chances are Lol and his infamous collective Spiral Tribe was behind it. Not being content with just this, Lol went on to form breakbeat terrorist outfit Slab, who made just one album, "Freaky Speed", a mini album that featured mixes by Carl Cox, Andrew Weatherall and Jon Carter’s Monkey Mafia.

Lol’s new single "Disco Dust" (add link to single review) is given the once over in our singles reviews this month.

There’s more to Ugly records than just this though. Other acts featured are One Mission (Will Hensel, Matt Diablo and Chris Sabian) and Rumblefish (Will Hensel again and Barry Ashworth himself). Apparently Ashworth has "swapped his party hat for an utterly focused and less familiar look of sobriety" of late. Ha. How long’s THAT gonna last for? The label itself though, to be fair, deserves to be of veteran longevity if the quality of tracks most recently aired is anything to go by, and, with his more than able partner in crime Seamus Morley (who has worked with Leftfield, Dreadzone and Steve Hillage) Ugly records seems destined to become one of the most important labels of the future.

All you swamp donkeys out there take note. It’s great to be ugly.

Tone E


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