Interview: Orange Can

Misplaced Children — An Interview with Orange Can

It is an incredible album, recorded by brothers Jason and James at home on their 8-track, that brought a deal from Regal Recordings and only then did the brothers seek out a band!

The album, Entrance High Rise, has brought comparisons with the likes of Pink Floyd, Zepplin, The Stone Roses and The Orb. So my first question was how the group felt about these comments. This was immediately turned on myself as Jason fired the same question back, "How do you feel about this?", the first time I’ve ever become the interviewee. I explained that I had no problem with this as they were conclusions that people were bound to draw judging by the fact Jason can tend to sound allot like Ian Brown at times, but tried to reassemble some sort of order and once again asked the question.

Jason: "To be honest I don’t really see it. Maybe on a couple of tunes, so I can understand it. But to be honest I listen more to the music than the vocals, I always have done, the music not sounding anything like The Stone Roses or Ian Brown, apart from it being played on guitars, it never really crossed my mind."

What music is it you listen to?

"We all listen to a pretty wide range of stuff. I like The Orb I suppose, oh and Jimi Hendrix I suppose, these allot of stuff. Everybody has likes straight across the board."

So would it be fair to say that you’re not so muck stuck in the sixties as taking influences from it?

"Just being interested in quality music. I don’t think there’s much quality music about these days, musically. What I would say about The Beatles, Hendrix, Zepplin and Pink Floyd, were that they were all recording on 8-track, so maybe that’s where the similarity comes in. With the equipment band’s have available today, these comparisons just aren’t there, people don’t come up to those playing standard often now."

So with on the band’s playlist The White Album, The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultra World, Electric Lady Land, and Zep II, I asked that if music had never been invented what would they be doing now?

Lee (Bass), chirps up: "Having a wank."

And what was it they say about what is always on a guy’s mind?

Entrance High Rise is out on Regal Recordings now (REG 37CD),

Nick James


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