Interview: Liquid

Liquid return with their new single, the mean 'n' moody "Orlando Dawn" this month. Eamon Downes was more than happy to answer some deep probing questions. But he answered my questions first....

Atomicduster: "Orlando Dawn" in my opinion is one of the best dance tunes I've heard in the last couple of years. What are your hopes for the new single and how are you going to be promoting it?

Eamon Downes: Just press mainly, and we did a gig in Ibiza. There was a time before when I used to get really stressed in the six to eight weeks leading up to release, but now I find it's best just to sit back and relax, and just let the record do what it does.

AD: When you first burst onto the music scene in the early 90s, you spent just sixty pounds to record "Sweet Harmony". Were you surprised at how successful it turned out to be and how did you get that first big break?

ED: It was really weird but it was the ideal situation! As for my first big break it was just a case of getting on and doing it. I borrowed some money from a friend and it all blossomed from there. It wasn't really that contrived and it's been good to work since.

AD: So far that single has been the only one to have dented the UK top 40. Is that something that bothers you and where do your priorities lie?

ED: It's not where our priorities lie at all. It's important industry wise, but all that matters to me is that as long as people are enjoying it then it can only be a good thing.

AD: Why have you switched labels? Well we have been on Sony and Higher Ground but the whole label went down the swanny. Things change, that's all, and you have to move on.

ED: What has been the most memorable moment for you personally and why?

AD: Doing the live stuff. We played a place called Orlando Five Stones which is where the inspiration for the new track came from and it had both its ups and downs. On the one hand we had this amazing gig at 5 in the morning. It was really mad. On the other hand, it all got a bit on top of us really. Things took their toll, hence the mood of the single.

ED: If you could pass one piece of advice on to the millions of would be Eamon Downes out there, what would it be? Don't listen to A & R men! No seriously. Believe in your own stuff and don't try to emulate what's been successful.

AD: Finally, Sub Sub recently became indie guitar band The Doves. What are the chances of Liquid going the same way?

ED: Well you never know. I can play the guitar. I can't sing though, - we'd have to be a Britpop covers band. Although I can play "The Lady In Red".

Strewth let's hope not. For now Eamon Downes and co are producing some of the best dance music you could wish to hear. Let's keep it that way eh lads?

Interview by Tone E

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