With INME Then Without Me

After three astonishing singles – the pick of the bunch arguably being “Crushed Like Fruit”, a critically acclaimed debut album, a massive fan following built mainly on word of mouth from the power of the band live, INME have every reason to be even more pleased than Judy’s marionette chum. With barely more than a few minutes spare these days, it was good to be able to get a chat with the band’s drummer Simon Taylor:

ST: Joe (Morgan) and Dave (McPherson) had known eachother since they were four years old, so that’s practically all their life. They started picking up instruments at around age eleven and they figured they needed a drummer, so that’s where I came in. Then of course we were playing a load of gigs around London, and you’ve probably heard the story, but we were supporting a band at the Hope and Anchor, and a record company had turned up from Music For Nations to see what they were like, but our set was delayed due to a broken cymbal and they caught the last song in our set. And the rest is history.

AD: So if you’ve known eachother practically since kindergarten, how do you remember your first rehearsal together? Was it all shoe boxes for guitars and Quality Street tins for drums?

ST: No, my kit was always quite good actually, because my dad was a drummer and I spent a bit of time with his band. The hardest thing in those days was trying to fit in time to practise because of school, but then eventually we went on and entered a few of those “Battle of the Bands” competitions and came very close to winning and we realised we were onto something by then.

AD: I always hated those things, because you can play with three other great bands and, if you win, you feel really bad for the other bands, and if you lose, you go away thinking everyone thinks you’re shit…

ST: The ones we did weren’t too bad to be honest. There was one we did where each member of all the bands was on a panel but they couldn’t vote for themselves, and then it was down to the audience vote.

AD: Yeah I can see how that would be better. Anyway, seeing as you were all children when you met, there must have been a few bust ups along the way?

ST: I honestly can’t remember there ever being any arguments. I really don’t think we have because we gel together so well. We know what pisses eachother off. The only bad habit anyone has in the band is that Dave’s really, really fussy and tidy.

AD: Hmmm…rock ‘n’ roll eh?

ST: I know, but at least the tour bus is always spotless!

AD: Pretty impressive for an artist who has just picked up the Best New Band award in Kerrang!...

ST: We didn’t win it. Cooper Temple Clause did…

AD: Um…

ST: We got nominated for it, and that was just an amazing feeling., and we did win a readers poll for best new band. Then again, as well as being nominated as Best Album, we also got nominated as Worst Album. Dave got voted as 4th or 5th Best Male Pin Up, so that was quite funny. We don’t take much notice of these things at the end of the day. It’s the same with reviews – it’s just one individual’s opinion and it’s not important. We had one really grudgy review that called Dave a “pre-pubescent fuck” and if we let things like that bother us it wouldn’t be worth carrying on.

AD: So what’s the strangest gig you’ve ever had to play?

ST: That would be to do with Kerrang! again. They ran a competition where the fan that won the competition would have us coming to play an acoustic set in their living room. So we had to set our PA up in this person’s lounge and there were about ten people there…

AD: That sounds like one of our gigs…

ST: It was weird though. There were even a couple of kids playing Ludo in front of us on the carpet while we were trying to perform our set.

AD: Again, that sounds like us. You’ve achieved a heck of a lot in the last year or so though. How are you keeping your feet on the ground?

ST: It can be difficult but if you try really hard you can do it. Everyone around us helps a lot; we have friends from home who come with us and help us to stay in tune with the rest of the world. You’ve just got to think about it really – we’re only in a band to make music for ourselves that we enjoy, and it’s just happened to become our job because other people like our music too. It’s no big deal, we’re just normal people like everybody else.

AD: What would be your dream line-up for a festival?

ST: Foo Fighters would be a dream to support – and yes we WOULD go on second before you ask, the it’d be At The Drive In if we could persuade them to reform, as well as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Then again, I saw Black Sabbath recently, and Ozzy Osbourne’s about gone now – he just stands there nowadays, the drugs have fucked him up so much and I think it’s finally caught up with him.

AD: So who would play each band member in a film about INME?

ST: Kevin Spacey would play Joe, because he’s a good talker, and Joe can talk for England. It would be funny for Kurt Russell to play Dave, as he’s a big fan of that particular actor and it would be amusing to see how he pulled the role off, and if I could choose an actor to play me, it would have to be Bruce Willis.

AD: Finally, you find out the world’s going to end tomorrow. What do INME do in the meantime?

ST: Fuck what the rest of the band do, I’m gonna get laid!

Fair enough I suppose. Pretty dumb question really. Well, if you want to go and catch the guys live, they’re off to Dublin now to do a few shows supporting Feeder, or if you want to sun yourselves while you listen they’ll be jetting off to Australia and Japan after that. What? You still here?

Interview and transcript by Tone E


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