Captivate: overwhelm with charm or affection

If you thought being in a rock band was exciting...then think again or alternatively why not simply call up Rod Jones from Idlewild and within seconds you will find yourself captivated by the most boring, uninspiring and unquotable jock this year (bar Fran Healy).

When I was at school, me and friends used to pretend to be rock stars in "mock" rock n roll interviews. Practicing making up bullshit, spinning a yarn and at the end, headbutting whoever was the journalist. For 5 minutes I could forget about being a nobody and having a shitty life.

Years later here I am interviewing rock stars, living my fantasy and rapidly realising that my mum's next door neighbour Maud who can't move from the neck downwards is infinitely more entertaining and cheerful than this miserable little man.

Well 'nuff said judge for yourselves, here is my interview with Idlewild's Rod Jones.

Editors Note. (He amazingly manages to answer every question with "errrr dunno really" Give this man a record really.)

Atomicduster: Hi Rod, so you've recently completed a tour of the Shetland Isles, what was that like?

Idlewild: Errrr dunno really...good quite rewarding.

Atomicduster: You've received quite alot of radio 1 airplay were you all suprised at their attention?

Idlewild: Errrr dunno really...good, a good validation.

Atomicduster: What's been the key to your success over the last 4 or 5 years?

Idlewild: Errrr dunno really...we play alot.

Atomicduster: Has having a huge fanbase made you "untouchable" from record company meddling?

Idlewild: Errrr dunno really...yeah, important I suppose, we've always been able to do what we want.

Atomicduster: Can you give me an example?

Idlewild: Errrr dunno really

Atomicduster: How has such intensive touring affected your lives?

Idlewild: Errrr dunno really...

Atomicduster: What was the bands first big break?

Idlewild: Dunno really...being played on Steve Lamaq I suppose.

Atomicduster: You've done stuff with some pretty good producers like Steven Street, can you tell me something about them and their input?

Idlewild: Errrr they're all different, Bob Western and Lenny Hay for example are different but errr good.

Atomicduster: (sarcastic) cheers. Onto the good stuff then, all these gigs around the world you must have some great memories and anecdotes, tell me Rod what's the most embarrassing on stage moment you've experienced?

Idlewild: Errrr dunno really...People often ask us that but I can't think of any at all. We like to have a drink and like playing together.

Atomicduster: mmm that's great. how did you all meet? at a chess club?

Idlewild: Errr dunno at student parties.

Atomicduster: That's interesting were you all into the same bands?

Idlewild: Errr yeah like the Pixies and Sonic Youth, I like to watch these bands, but I wouldn't like to hang out with them.

Atomicduster: Why are they a bit too rock and roll for ya?

Idlewild: Errrr...dunno really.

Atomicduster: Thank you and good bye, Idlewild the future of UK rock is safe in your hands. Somebody kill me please.....

You can find out more interesting facts about Idlewild and the charismatic Rod Jones by visiting web site

Or check out their (un) exciting new album "the remote part" (the safest place for this band) on Parlophone records.

You may have recently listened to Radio 1 and amongst the drivel you may have heard Idlewild's new "ballad", hyped as a stunning tear jerking moment on their new album. People get paid to say that. I don't get paid to write this, so beleive me when I say... it's a bag of shite.

Interview by; Na’im Cortazzi

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