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One of the best new bands of the last couple of years are undoubtedly fulc, as Kerrang! and Metalhammer would gladly testify. I had a very brief chat with lead guitarist and thoroughly nice chap Rik Clay while he was on the way to rehearsals…

AD: Hi Rik. It’s been quite a while since you gigged with my old band at The Shed in Leicester. How far do you feel you’ve come since then?

RC: Oh, we’ve come on LOADS since then, not just in terms of our live show, but also the songwriting has changed a lot and developed. I think we’re a lot tighter now as well…

AD: What differences do you think there are now then?

RC: I think the melodies are a lot stronger now and the sound is not as raw as it once was. It’s probably more dramatic and we’ve put a lot of extra colour into each of the songs – one of them has even got a cello on it!

AD: Blimey, I must have missed that one!

RC: It’s quite low down in the mix, but you can hear it and you’d miss it if you couldn’t.

AD: So, what made you decide to put out a six track e.p. rather than a single?

RC: We just wanted to put out something a little more substantial than just a few tracks – let everyone know we’re still around and better than ever. Plus we wanted to bridge the gap between “Biting Insomnia” and the new album as well.

AD: So at what stage will you be prepared to quit your day jobs?

RC: When the money starts rolling in!

AD: Well that was a short, sweet answer! I guess it WAS pretty obvious though! What are your short and long term plans then?

RC: Short term we’re going to be trying to break Europe by touring and releasing stuff over there, and then doing all the UK festivals. Longer term, we’re hoping to start writing and recording stuff for our second album.

AD: Silly question time. If a war broke out between all the various fruits of the world, whose side would you be on and why?

RC: Er…I’ll have to think about that for a minute…I know! A starfruit – just because they look hard!

AD: Fair comment. Now, what exactly is the idea behind the lyrics of “Embrace. Destroy”?

RC: You’ll have to ask Duane that one – not that he’ll tell you! All his lyrics are from his own personal experience and he likes to keep them to himself. We all have our own theories on what they’re about, but they’ve definitely got a deep down meaning. I love that track though – it’s probably my favourite from the new e.p. because there’s so much light and shade and it shows perfectly how much of a progression we’ve made.

AD: Ok, so finally can you sum fulc up in five words?

RC: Dirty, sexy averted rock music.

And you know what? That’s just about the most perfect description you could make of this excellent four piece. So go on, embrace them; if you destroy them though, you’ll have ME to answer to! (I bet you’re quaking in your boots now!)

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