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In a Big Country

Their biography describes a group who, "play music that reaffirms your faith in the healing power of electric guitars", and where electric guitars are concerned, Foil embrace convention and kick out tunes that would strip a wall at 20-paces. Atomicduster spoke with the group’s front-man, Colin McInally, shortly before the band released their second long-player, Never Got Hip, Tone E picks up the story;

It’s been two years since "Spread It All Around". Aside from working on the new album, what have you been up to in the meantime?

Colin: "We wrote about 40 songs, only 12 of which are on the album. We didn’t want to make the same album twice."

So what happened to your original drummer, Jim?

"We just parted company. It seems mean to say it but Jim could have been playing for Big Country or Iron Maiden. Alan’s a much more dynamic drummer — he’s walked all over this record. Although he smokes so much pot he sometimes forgets it!"

With the first album I got the impression that you were paying a massive tribute to the Pixies. Was that the case, and who were you most influenced by on "Never Got Hip"?

"Probably, although it wasn’t a self conscious one. The Pixies were big big favourites of ours. This album we’ve tried to get away from that, but I certainly don’t think it’s a bad thing we were compared to them. Current influences — if you’re asking who we side ourselves up with as contemporaries, then people like Super Furry Animals I love, although we don’t sound anything like them."

What has been your most embarrassing moment to date?

"Where do I start! I fell on my arse in the middle of the first song of a gig in Edinburgh. I lost my balance and went flying off the right hand side of the stage. I came back very sheepishly 30 seconds later and finished the song."

How would you like to be remembered and what would be your epitaph?

"Just as a band who wrote good stuff really. There’s no gimmicks to us. As far as an epitaph — I don’t really want to die so I don’t want to answer that!"

Fair comment, and if they keep making such exciting and uplifting music, who could begrudge them their immortality?

Text by Tone E, introduction; Nick James

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