Interview: Everclear

Everclear are soon to release volume two of their highly acclaimed "Songs from an American movie" and recently returned to the Top 40 with the rousing and aptly titled "Wonderful". I caught up with bassist Craig Montoya in their London hotel and talked about music, getting older and....Britney Spears! Read on.....

Atomicduster : What made you release volume two of "Songs From An American Movie" separately as opposed to doing it as a double album?

Craig Montoya: It originally started out as a solo project for Art. It was just a pretty chaotic couple of years you know, we hit the road for ten months straight and we needed to take some time out. Then Art said he felt it needed to be an Everclear record and as you can see the results were amazing. Then we were working on some rock stuff that was so opposite that the two albums didn't seem to fit together so we're releasing them each in their own right.

AD: On "AM Radio" you talk about "back in 1970", which was the year I was born. How old are you guys exactly?!!

CM: Ha ha. That's the year I was born too. Art is 8 years older. It's just kind of a nostalgia song about how things have changed so much you know. It's all very Star Trek now when you look back.

AD: Before "Wonderful" you have to date only had the one top 40 hit in the UK. How important are the charts to you and what are your hopes for the future?

CM: Well everybody wants to be successful. Chart positions aren't really important, but if doing interviews like these and touring the UK are going to help then great. We don't write music for a certain genre. Talking about that you'll never guess who I've just seen downstairs. Britney Spears! She's staying at the same hotel and was in the elevator with three armed security guards. I whispered "I love you" under my breath!

AD: What advice would you give to anyone struggling to get by who wants to make a career out of music and what made you decide it was what you wanted to do?

CM: I grew up in a small town in Washington state - I was kicked out of home, busted by the cops, lost my job, lost my girl. I was 19 years old and sitting in jail. Basically I'd hit rock bottom. So I made a decision - I got a decent job, moved back in with my folks and I learnt my record collection from top to bottom. Then Everclear just played and played and played, so basically that's my advice. Be honest with others and with yourself and don't take no for an answer.

Interview by; Tone E

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