Emma Chamberlain

Local Heroine

You just can’t fail to be impressed when you first meet (and hear) local singer/songwriter Emma Chamberlain for the first time. Not only is she one of the most strikingly beautiful women you’re ever likely to meet, she’s also blessed with bucketloads of talent, having written a plethora of tunes that are all either impressively rocky, enormously touching or downright hilarious. I thought she deserved a plug on this website so I stalked her for a while (just kidding – I bumped into her at a recording studio) and here is the resultant interview.

AD: You are currently recording your debut album in Leicester. For the benefit of our readers, can you describe what you are hoping to achieve and how you are hoping for it to sound?

EC: As this is my first album, I hope to be proud of it and that people will like my music. I hope for it to sound different to a lot of the music that’s out at the moment. My songs are mostly guitar, drums and bass – not the computerised kind.

AD: Have you any plans to play some live shows in the near future and what would be your idea of a perfect gig?

EC: Not as such, at the moment I’m working really hard to create this album. I’m really critical of my work which means I could write 30 songs and only like three of them enough to record. I would like to do some live shows at some point but the recording of this album takes priority.

AD: You wrote and performed a track recently for the children’s charity “Wishes For Kids”, and it has had fairly extensive radio coverage. How did that come about and can you tell us a little more about that charity?

EC: Yeah, The charity is based under Bedrock studios where I record with my producer, Scott Gilbert, who's done wonders for my work. Russell the founder of the charity asked me if I would write them a song, and I was thrilled to be asked. The charity grants wishes for terminally ill children, they have done some amazing things for example they have taken children to meet Blue, Westlife, Steps, Nickelback, even the Pope! Anyway Russell rang around different radio stations and luckily they agreed to interview us and play the song on air.

AD: One of the things that struck me about your music was the amusingly sardonic lyrical content. Lines like “I’ve left your clothes in a black bin bag outside” made me laugh out loud for example (it put me in mind of a bloke having been kicked out who is now rummaging through the dustbin in his birthday suit!). How do you get the inspiration for your lyrics? It’s refreshing and rather unusual to hear such intelligent and witty song words these days you see!

EC: Thanks. I get most of my inspiration from films. I hear a line from one of the characters that somehow stays in my mind, and then I pick up on the emotions of the character. Not many of my songs are from personal experience.

AD: What do you hope to achieve with this album, both short term and long term? (i.e. What is your short term plan to achieve your ultimate goal and what IS that ultimate goal?)

EC: My ultimate goal is to break into the music industry or at least make a living from my music. In the short term I hope for people to enjoy the album and get the songs stuck in their head! In the long term I hope to be signed to a label and release some of the songs from the album.

AD: Do you come from a particularly musical family?

EC: Not really, my mother and sister are tone deaf and that’s putting it kindly! My dad on the other hand was in a few bands in his younger years.

AD: What is it about the idea of becoming a well known singer/songwriter that appeals to you the most?

EC: The money! Only joking, I love the buzz I get when I’m on stage and the audience has just applauded one of my songs.

AD: Let’s say you become a celebrity, you have countless excellent reviews from music magazines and newspapers and then you release another album that gets pounded by the press (like they often do – the old “build ‘em up then knock ‘em down” scenario”). You thought it was a great album - how would you cope with that?

EC: With a large bottle of vodka! No, I’d be upset but then if I’m lucky enough to have one successful album, that would give me the courage and confidence to try again and again. I know my family would support me through any rough times.

AD: Which group or artist do you dislike the most and why?

EC: I respect most artists and groups, but I really dislike the ‘Cheeky Girls’! Because they are a joke. Their songs are ridiculous. But at least they prove that if they can make it anyone can!!

AD: So if the Cheeky Girls then asked you to do a duet with them for their next single (and it was guaranteed to be a massive hit), would you swallow your pride and do it, or would your musical integrity get in the way?

EC: Thankfully there’s little chance of them having many more massive hits and my ears are most grateful! No way in the world would I duet with them.

AD: Which is your favourite track you’ve written and why?

EC: My favourite track that I’ve written so far probably would be ‘Compliments for Friendship’ because it has cool electric guitar and is really rocky. It’s about falling for someone who has no idea and keeps unintentionally breaking your heart; everyone has had that happen to them at some point and so can relate to the song.

AD: Ok, finally, in no more than ten words, can you tell our readers why they should buy your album?

EC: Because it’s different yet controversial, light-hearted yet emotional and definitely worth it! (sorry that’s 12 words!)

Ah go on then, we’ll allow twelve. After all, Emma is so obviously a star in the making that you don’t mind her twisting the rules a little. Anyway if you want to read a little more about her, or hear a sample of what she’s all about musically, you could do worse than log on to her website

Interview and Transcript by Tone E



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