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The A to Z of Channel 4 - 'C' is for 'Countdown' and 'D' is for 'D*Note'

Where Richard Whiteley's ties were the first addition to the Channel 4 'Hall of Fame', Matt Winn and his D*Note may well be the latest. First coming to our attention in 1993 upon releasing what has been described as the 'seminal underground' album 'Babel' for Dorado records, Matt found himself in the 'comfy slippers' of a signing to Richard Branson's label, Virgin. But after a 4 year period void of releases, found himself 'left out in the cold' last December 2001.

Fortunately his time spent as one of 'music's homeless' wasn't to last for long, as not only did the January sales bring promises of a bargain to the label conscious among us, but so did D*Note find a new label of their own. Scooped up by Channel 4 music, Matt found himself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Paul Oakenfold, who last year released his 'Theme for Big Brother' on the label.

Now whether or not Matt may receive a modicum of of the success Paul did on releasing the single that nestled at number 4 in UK chart land will remain to be seen. A sound track to a hit television series may well prove advantageous here, but if talent, coupled with a discerning ear have any part to play in making its way in the 'cruel world of music', then the note that follows 'C' certainly stands a good chance.

Multimedia artist, Mr. Winn is described as not only a composer and musician, but also Filmmaker and Video director, in fact his latest short film - 'Out of the Game' - returns to the dance and drugs scene. This time set in Ibiza, it depicts two mid-thirty something clubbers who are making their way in the coming to terms with the 'end of the party'. A familiar story maybe?

Transmission date for 'Out of the Game' will be on Channel 4 on Wednesday 24th April at 12.30am [early Thursday]. Matt Winn will be available afterwards for a web chat; www.channel4.com/talk. Transmission date on FilmFour will be on Thursday 9th May at 1.40am [early Friday].

The music of D*Note's forthcoming album, 'Fushia Dog' features on the soundtrack, an album which will see it's release on the 22nd April 2002, the single 'Shed My Skin' is out now.

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