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Coldplay talk to Atomicduster about their music and getting podgy. With their debut album having entered the UK charts at number one and still currently riding high, Coldplay have delivered on early promises. Tone E spoke to the bands fronton, Chris Martin, just prior to the release of "Parachutes", an album that has whipped up quite a storm, from rave reviews to a delivery from the tongue of Creations former boss, Alan McGee.

So on this strain, Tone E asked Chris that in light of the press attention that the group have been attracting, when was it he felt that Coldplay were not going to be just another group of indie hopefuls and were really starting to make headway?

Chris: "We knew as soon as we first played together. The press has been amazing. It's great, but we're still trying to get to an established place, do you know what I mean?"

I notice from your discography that on each of your singles the band have always been credited on the production notes. Why do you feel this is important and would you like to see this continue?

"Good question. We co-produced the album. There were a couple of songs where we didn't, and we didn't like it. The thing is, A) We write the songs and B) the people we like to work with don't give a shit about being in charge. Ken Nelson (of Gomez fame) is our producer and he might say "I don't think that bit works" and we'll think maybe he's right. It's very much the five of us working together rather than someone telling us what to do."

What does it mean to be touted as the "next big thing" and what pressure does this put you under?

"Nothing and none. We tout ourselves as that anyway. So we put more pressure on ourselves than anyone. It's just fuelling the fire."

And finally, Billie has reinvented herself as Billie Piper and is attracting obvious media attention. How much of an asset do you feel breasts are in pop music and if you could choose to have breasts, what size would they be?

"I'm starting to get a bit podgy myself, so from our point of view they're not an asset. Good breasts can't make up for a lack of achievement...but they can make a good tune even better!"

Fair point.

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