Interview: JJ72

Lock up your children and put your cars in the garage, it’s JJ72

The Boy/Girl/Boy combo from Dublin who recently restored in me my faith in the excesses of ‘rock music’ and I suspect are just punks who were born too late for 1977, but instead are doing it themselves now.

Subjects; Mark Greany - vocals (19), Fergal Matthews — drums (20), Hilary Woods — Bass (you never ask a lady her age!)

Have you ever done anything you could have been arrested for?

Fergal: "steals allot"

Hilary: "kicks cars (Hey, Rock’n’Roll!)"

Mark: "vandalises"

Who would you put up against a wall and shoot?

"Stuart Caple, Stereophonics Drummer (I never did find out why)"

If you could take out for a date anyone on the planet, who would it be?

Fergal: "Nina Pearsons"

Hilary: "William Baldwin"

Mark: "the little one who reads the news on BBC News 24 (?!!)"

If you were given Royal dispensation for a day, what act of treason would you commit?

"We’re Irish! (Mark) I’d kill Bono though (Fergal)"

What is your most twisted sexual fantasy?

Hilary: "Oooh! Bubble Wrap"

Fergal: "Aaah! Rolling in a bath of rotten vegtables"

Mark: "Whoah! Hot Wax"

Why are you where you are today?

"Because we’re selfish"

Why should people listen to your music?

"Because we’re the TRUTH"

Steps or Backstreetboys?

Immediate answer from Mark and Fergal; "Steps!" Hilary is a little more reserved but later admits to not really giving a ****!

JJ72 can be found online at the following link;

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