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Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason, Dir; Beeban Kidron, Cert; 15

She's hardly the perfect '10', but some guys like it that way. Big pants and an aloofness that signifies venerability, Bridget Jones is now on her 2nd block-buster movie and with it packs a punch that would have Mike Tyson eating canvas before the 3rd round is out. Does this signify creeping age? Or is the fact that I actually sat through this movie without running to the refrigerator for another 'cold one' a sign that I genuinely enjoyed the fluffy humor of this installment. This is quite unlike my disinterested demeanor I tended to adopt when forced to sit through her 'Diary' when brought to network TV recently.

I was genuinely surprised at the number and quality of 'laugh-out-loud' moments I encountered along the way when watching this movie. From the description of "the fat, balding, upper middle classes" when she spoke to the protagonists, to the 3-some that never was, whilst staying at the Thai hotel (we should've seen that one coming!), or the incident of 2 grown men fighting in the fountain over this girls virtu. And how an earth Bridget Jones, or Rene Zellweger manages to 'weather' the filming schedule is totally beyond me, but 'BJ' and the Lesbian kiss, well the trip was worth it if just for this!

Given that this film seemed full of class moments, as described earlier is somewhat of an enigma, when after the credits had rolled myself and my partner sat amazed at how lacking in substance this film had been. Almost like tucking into a fast-food extra value meal and realising that it hadn't even touched the outsides of the hunger you had felt before you had started.

And finally, how was Renee Zellweger's mastering of the English tongue? Well very good if truth be told, if not somewhat of an affront to our very selves as natives of these shores, but the soundtrack! How an earth someone saw fit to allow Will Young to crucify Sade's 'Your Love Is King' is totally beyond sane thought. Do us all a favour and send the guy to the retirement home for the terminally repugnant! 7/10

Nick James

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