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Constantine, Dir; Francis Lawrence, Cert; 15

One of those films where all the press hype, and subsequent reviews, leading up to it has been very negative. Well bite me, because I really rather enjoyed it.

Speaking as someone who thought “The Matrix” was average at best (cue the angry bleating from the nation’s sheep), and one who STILL regards the Bill and Ted films as Keanu Reeves’ finest moments, I can’t say I was trembling with excitement at the prospect of ANOTHER comic book film, but hey, this was a bit different from what I was expecting…

Anyway, Mr. Reeves plays a supernatural investigator, for wont of a better way of putting it, called John Constantine. He is a man who specialises in exorcism by using the earth’s material objects to send guilty demons back to the underworld.

Having once attempted suicide, Constantine has himself fleetingly visited Hell, although on that occasion he had been revived by doctors, and now he faces a race against time to get back into the good books of the Lord Almighty.

Detective Angela Dodson, played by the ever gorgeous Rachel Weisz, provides him with the perfect opportunity to do so. Her sister has recently ended her own life but Angela refuses to accept that her sister would do such a thing and suspects foul play. Constantine is therefore called upon to return to Hades and establish once and for all where the truth really lies.

Based on the DC comic “Hellblazer”, this movie has a kind of Gothic, moody film noir atmosphere about it, and that’s what sets it apart from other comic book flicks. It’s probably one of the reasons I enjoyed it too.

Spectacular special effects are generally something that send me hurtling for the emergency exit but here I found myself actually admiring them.

Anyhow, just go and judge it for yourself. Loads of those previously mentioned sheep seem to hate it, but although it’s far from a classic, I honestly found it extremely entertaining. 7/10

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