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Big Fish, Dir; Tim Burton Cert; 12

Tim Burton’s back on form with this enchanting fairytale that is a joy from start to finish. It’s probably his best work since “Ed Wood”.

Billy Crudup plays Will Bloom, a man who refuses to speak to his father for three years after the old man stole the limelight on his wedding day. The yarns spun by Edward Bloom have been heard by his son time and time again over the years, and to have the same tall stories churned out once more in front of his reception guests is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

That is until Crudup’s character learns that his father is terminally ill, at which point he returns to establish exactly which snippets of information were true and which had just been glamourised fabrications. That’s about it, as far as the plot goes, as Finney regales the audience, “Forrest Gump” style, with tales of heroism, bravery, romance and surrealism, his younger self being portrayed on screen by the outstanding Ewan MacGregor.

Although MacGregor’s American accent gets a bit lax at times, it isn’t enough to put you off this charming movie that has as many laugh out loud moments as it does tender ones, and should delight children and adults alike.

The supporting cast is strong too, with the likes of Jessica Lange, playing the older Sandra Bloom (Edward’s wife) and still looking great at 55, whilst Alison Lohmann steps into to play her younger incarnation. Steve Buscemi as the screwball poet Norther Winslow is a lot of fun too, and Helena Bonham Carter is surprisingly convincing as the witch, whose glass eye, if you look into it, “will show you how you’re going to die”!

You will notice several techniques used in previous Burton films during “Big Fish”, most notably “Edward Scissorhands” and a number of nods to other classic movies throughout, right down to the country bumpkin straight out of “Deliverance” and playing “Duelling Banjos” on the front of his porch!

Don’t miss this film. It’s a delight. 8/10

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