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Bad Boys 2, Dir: Michael Bay - Cert: 15

It took 8 years but finally it’s here. Bad Boys 2 (luckily no naff tag line, like “Rise of the Brothers”) Will Smith has had a somewhat more impressive run of films since Bad Boys than Martin Lawrence. Think of Will Smith and you think “Enemy of the State”, “MIB” and “Ali”. Think of Martin Lawrence, conjures up forgettable titles such as “Blue Streak” and “Big Mommas House”. However this performance puts both on an equal footing and definitely reserves the most laughs for Lawrence.

What you get at the start is a very slick 15 minute intro, which shows you the various steps that encompass the manufacturing and distribution of Ecstasy, from the Lab in Amsterdam to the drop off point in Miami. Strangely, the drugs are then stuffed into the chest of corpses and shipped around the country. We first come across “Mike” and “Markus” infiltrating a KKK cross burning session, one of the members of whom has been helping in the last leg of the Ecstasy importation. Unbeknown to the “Bad Boys” the DEA are tracking the drugs and it ends up in the first of many big (and for action movie junkies like me, very good) shoot-outs, which results in Markus getting shot in the arse.

We are then enlightened to the plot, Markus’s sister(Gabrielle Union, very nice) is an undercover DEA agent who has infiltrated various drug cartels and helps launder their ill-gotten gains. We only find this out after what I would have to describe as one of the best car chase sequences I have ever seen (Pis*es all over “Matrix Reloaded” IMHO). In a truly original car chase, a transporter, fully loaded with cars being driven by a group of Jamaicans, levels anything in its path. Then the baddies decide it would be a good idea to drop the cars off the back of the transporter and into the path of Mike’s new Ferrari. The sequence, whilst partly computer generated is outstanding. The camera is basically inbetween Lowry’s Ferrari and the Jamaicans whilst dodging from left to right and up and under various car wrecks.

After a grisly death at the hands of James Gandolfini in “The Sopranos”, Joe Pantoliano returns as a chilled out “Captain Harris.” This is almost a cameo role for Pantoliano, who does not get involved in any of the investigation until near the end. Instead we are treated to a Feng Shui-ed character who has surrounded his office in jossticks, found a new inner-calmness and listens to whale music at home whilst wearing white PJ’s. He still rips into Mike and Markus, but not nearly as much as in the first film.

This takes us up to the last half hour which sees the drug dealing scam uncovered and…wait for it - Markus’s sister is kidnapped by the main drug baron “Johnny Tapia” and taken to Cuba. We then see the inevitable corny, I wish I could switch over scene, where Markus starts screaming that his sister will be in a mortuary by the time they find her. Mike then gives him a big hug and a peck on the cheek and they round up a crack group of mercenaries to breach Tapia’s lair. As the above sarcasm shows, this is a very far fetched ending to the film - especially where we see the commandos fight against Tapia’s henchmen who are being backed up by the Cuban Army!!

Don’t let the end of the film put you off though - this is a thoroughly enjoyable action flick, with the right amount of humour, violence and bad language. I would tell you the most amusing parts, but this would take away from the film somewhat, should you choose to go see it. All I will say is that there are plenty of belly laughs to be taken from it, mostly involving a TV shop and some “entertaining” rats!

Ok, to bring it to an end, please don’t go and watch this film if you’re looking for depth and inner fulfilment, because you won’t get it. Also if you had some time on your hands you could contradict almost everything that happens from start to finish. If like me, you’re shallow and like cheap thrills then it’s a winner. 8/10

Kane Kootz

Odeon Online


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