AtomicdusterRecords - The second coming... (ATOMDUST2)

Our second release comes from 22 year old Leicester musician/producer Adham Fisher and his AFS. This artist has an insatiable desire to make it into the record books one way or another. So far, he has made five attempts to make it into the 'Guinness Book of Records' by visiting all of the London Underground stations in less than 19 hours, although to date all efforts have been unsuccessful.

Another book of records, the 'Guinness Book - of Hit Singles' - is the one Adham mostly aspires to though, and you really can’t knock the originality of his ideas, especially his latest project, the bizarre MOTHERS’ DAY and this is where AtomicdusterRecords comes in. When we first heard this release when reviewing for our 'Spotlight' section we hope you will agree, this had to be heard.

Adham takes up the story, “My friend, Brad Korponay, was at a garage sale in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, and he bought an old Amiga computer. When he got it home, he played the accompanying audio cassette which featured a man telling his children how to set the computer up. Halfway through the tape, he breaks off from this instruction to give the kids a bollocking for not sending their mum a Mother’s Day card. I thought this was too good an opportunity to waste, so I set the whole reprimand to music..."

'Mothers Day' is available as a 12" single and download. The vinyl version featuring 4 tracks among which are - 'Mothers Day Part I' and 'Mothers Day Part II' (the video for which is featured below) and is strictly limited to 500 copies.

The single is available via (distribution - ask your local record store), as a download and may be ordered directly from ourselves, the 12" retailing for just £2.99 (plus £1.00 p&p). You may order your copy of this single by using our Paypal ordering system, just click the link below to access our secure retail store;

AFS may be visited on myspace, or via the band's website, where a wealth of information is available. Adham also plays in his own band, GRR, and is planning tour dates with both acts very soon.

Atomicduster Launch - AtomicdusterRecords (ATOMDUST1)

The first release is strictly limited to 1,000 copies – and if the label ends up as the success we expect it to be, you can bet your bottom dollar that serial number (ATOMDUST1) will fetch a princely sum in a few short years.

Anyway, the band honouring AtomicdusterRecords with our first release is the majestic, the sublime Hicks Milligan-Prophecy with their barnstorming ep “The Good, the Bad and the Iceberg”, featuring the dancehall stomper “Monkey See Monkey Lifestyle”, the dark and brooding “King Herod’s Baby Milk” and the vitriolic Magazine-meets-The-Stranglers perfect pop song “Pro-Celebrity Prostitution”.
From the band's earlier 'The Iceberg Cometh...' ep, we have featured here a live version of 'The Man Who Ate Japan'.

The CD retails for just £2.99 (plus £1.00 p&p) and can be ordered from us by cheque or by using our Paypal ordering system, please contact Tone at the following email link - contact tone or click below to purchase.

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