Album Reviews: December 2006


+44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating (Interscope) 13/11/2006

Wow, this is a spin-off from two members of the now defunct Blink 182 (Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker), and it sounds absolutely NOTHING like their former band. Except for the guitars, the drums, the vocals, the tunes and the production. Oh and the bass.

Seriously though, I shouldn’t put them down for not pulling on their “big trousers”; after all, Blink 182 were well known for not taking themselves too seriously and that was part of the appeal of the band to all their fans. And let’s be honest, they were never a particularly offensive band, despite their alarming penchant for public naturism.

There are some very catchy tunes here, not least “Baby Come On”, the title track and the infinitely likeable early eighties keyboard wizardry of “155”, the best track on the album by some distance.

Anyway, whilst neither Blink 182 nor +44 are likely to ever dent a hole in my personal “Top 1000 Artists” list, they’re equally unlikely to make me want to ram the stereo up the nearest emo-punk’s backside. 6/10

Tone E

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