Album Reviews: November 2008


The Cure - 4:13 Dream (Geffen) 27/10/2008

T: Who would have thought that The Cure would actually become a "dinosaur band"? I remember years ago when we gave Status Quo grief for being around for even fifteen years. That Smith's outfit have been around for twice that amount of time - albeit in various different line ups - actually garners praise rather than ridicule, but then I guess they've consistently put out high quality albums rather than releasing cheesy covers and glory boy songs with successful football teams. Of course, "4:13 Dream" sounds umistakeably like The Cure we've always known and loved, opening track "Underneath The Stars" being a hark back to the early eighties whilst "The Only One" holds more of the pop factor we witnessed in "Friday I'm In Love". The man might be pushing fifty, but his vocal and songwriting prowess are in fine fettle. On this form, long may it continue.

N: Always familiar, Robert Smith and boys launch into their thirteenth studio album. Now we're used to Smith's downcast tones, we're used to Gallup's deep drum patterns, so it's almost as if this band are part of the family. They've been around as long as grandma has sat in the corner, the difference being I have no idea whether they can be relied upon for the Christmas jumper. In essence, this album could easily be one of the group's strongest. It's not like they're going through the paces. They've even brought something new to the party, adopting in places classic patterns circa seventies punk, proving they've not forgotten their roots, but again in some sidewards glance, never standing still. 9/10

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