Album Reviews: November 2007


Buzzcocks - 30 (Cooking Vinyl) 26/11/2007

T: I know I always go on about not liking live albums too much, but I've just got to do it again. I love the Buzzcocks. I already know all these tunes very well, I know they're fantastic live, having caught them on many occasions, but none of this stuff captured on a recorded version is a substitute for being there; they actually sound a lot better in the flesh too, but anyway, all the usual suspects are here and they all sound great but take my advice, just go see them instead. Classic tune after classic tune, but fair play to them for celebrating 30 years together with this collector's item.

N: It's warming to hear how Shelley and Diggle have managed to keep this ungainly beast's wheel's still turning. Here you will find 28 tracks squeezed onto this single disc, something that speaks louder than anything else for these songwriters' impact. 8/10

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The Hives - The Black And White Album (Polydor) 15/10/2007

T: Starting off with the crackling rock of recent single "Tick Tick Boom", Sweden's finest go on to prove that they have no intention of changing a great deal, and bugger anybody that wants them to. "Try It Again" is almost a dead cert for a future single and the whole thing really is a celebration of classic rock 'n' roll songwriting...

N: So just to prove that all is not just a bed of roses and Abba in Sweden, this band turn up their Marshall stacks and proceed with an onslaught of nasty sounds...

T: But nasty in a good way, surely?

N: Of course. This is music of ear bleeding goodness. 8/10

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