Album Reviews: October 2008


The Sound Of Animals Fighting - The Ocean And The Sun (Epitaph) 08/09/2008

N: This sounds nothing like animals fighting. I've heard the cats outside my window at 3am having a brawl, and it sounds nothing like this.

T: When are you playing at Jongleurs next? I must have a word with Al Quaeda.

N: I'm sorry, I hope I didn't offend with my guffing. Hold your breath for 30 seconds, maybe it will have dissipated.

T: It's always a bloody silent killer with you as well isn't it? Anyway, enough toilet humour, this is an interesting, atmospheric early morning stroll through deserted tube stations, soundtracked by a gentle alternative backdrop.

N: Rhythmic patterns do at times scream of Levitation, or what followed in their wake, that of Darkstar. An album filled with interesting titles to accompany their brand of musical paranoia with tracks like "Chinese New Year", "Uzbekistan", "Another Leather Lung" and the album's centrepiece, "The Heraldic Beak Of The Manufacturer's Medallion", I mean, what were they smoking when they came up with that? Grandma's socks, no doubt. 8/10

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