Album Reviews: October 2007


Pram - The Moving Frontier (Domino) 01/10/2007

T: Don't you think this begins like a fast moving current affairs tv theme tune?

N: Mmm. Not quite sure about that, although I am half expecting Clint Eastwood to walk through the door at any moment, in his cowboy days of course...

T: He still IS a cowboy. Did you see the state he made of my fence?

N: When we received this, I went feverishly through my record collection in an attempt to find a previous album by this group, but sadly to no avail, although I do recall this band from perhaps ten or so years ago.

T: They remind me of Broadcast to an extent - a dark and moody stetson wearing version of them, and there are even elements of jazz fuelled fervour akin to that of the second Specials album. It's quite an enchanting listen and it's nice to know the group still have a knack of keeping a bit of mystique about them.

N: It's certainly avant-garde, there's no mistaking that. Playing to a smoke filled jazz club...but of course that wouldn't happen now! 8/10

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