Album Reviews: October 2006


The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love (Mercury) 04/09/2006

More pop-funk from a band who've been making heady strides towards commercial success with their Top 40 breakthorugh.

T: This is a band who are quite clearly heavily dependent upon the booming rhythm section and occasional Sting-like vocals and compositions. While all their songs are surefire floor-fillers, I can't help thinking they'd sound better with a more restrained production. They're definitely a good, talented band, but I think an almighty migraine would surface if I listened to more than three tracks in a row from this album.

N: This band possesses a similarity that although I'm sure some of which comes from airplay, many numbers here ring of phrases perhaps borrowed from those previously heard by other bands. They've most certainly aimed their heady brew at a younger listener. 6/10

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