Album Reviews: September 2008


The Verve - Forth (Parlophone) 25/08/2008

N: Ingeniously tiltled album to come from the band who emerged from the anonymity of Wigan in 1989. Why ingeniously titled I hear you say? Well because it's only the fourth album Ashcroft and cohorts have released during a shining career... Come to think of it, it's pretty obvious really. Scrub that...

T:...and it's a whole lot better than I was expecting. Wasn't impressed with the lead single at all, mainly because it sounds like Texas, but the majority of the other tracks on "Forth" sound like they've got a second wind from their legendary "This Is Music" period, and that moody instrumentation that the band made their trademark is back with great aplomb. Which is nice.

N: Yes, I think my initial remarks reflect my initial apathy, coupled with astonishment at first hearing the album. From a band many might have written off, this is indeed a stunning "second wind" and serves to show you should never dismiss a band of such enduring quality. 9/10

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