Album Reviews: September 2007


Johnny Cash - The Great Lost Performance (Mercury) 27/08/2007

T: Apparently a lost performance from the Paramount Theatre, New Jersey in 1990, this set captures Cash in his full flowing glory, from the bombastic bravado of "Ring Of Fire" right through to the country classic "I Walk The Line". The best thing about it is that it shows Cash's true showmanship, with entertaining little spoken interludes that give more of an insight into just what kind of a man he was.

N: That's right. This particular performance is an extremely intimate affair, or at least this is how it comes across. The recording is first rate, and the material nothing less than we would expect from an artist of this calibre. It's a shame that it took the singer's death to encourage this fascination in his music.

T: He was hardly unknown before his death though! I mean, I had Cash albums long before his passing as I'm sure many people did...

N: That's not what I'm saying and you know that. I'm just sure he'll be smiling that he's remembered so fondly, and what's more we get to hear some great music.

T: It really must be great if it's a live album and I'm giving it a nine... 9/10

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