Album Reviews: September 2006


Gary Moore - The Platinum Collection - 3CD set (Virgin EMI) 04/09/2006

With the release of Gary's back catalogue some three years ago (or Moore), this, the Platinum Collection, a 3 CD box set is a stamp in acknowledgement of one of the finest guitarists the British Isles have ever produced.

N: It's nice to wear this jacket staped with the Union Jack, but let's cut to the chase, Thin Lizzy were from Northern Island and let us not forget.

T: Although Gary Moore never reached the heady heights of his former band, the music has always enough charm about it to make it palatable. Occasionally sounding like Huey Lewis and the News, but I'll forgive him those foibles and readily acknowledge the man's contribution to music over the past 30 years.

N: A collection you can quite as easily get lost in, as fully appreciate the technique Moore mastered and contributed to rock music over these past decades. 7/10

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