Album Reviews: August 2008


Various Artists - Big Blue Ball (Real World) 28/07/2008

T: This is a project that was initially conceived some eighteen years ago by founding Real World members Peter Gabriel and Karl Wallinger. Of course, the former World Party man went on to much bigger things, and Gabriel remains an icon. The question now is whether anybody still cares. It doesn't surprise me that the idea was dreamt up a long time ago, especially when you hear the opener, "Whole Thing", which would have slotted nicely into the eccentric Brit's 1996 album "So" with little ado. It is the less recognisable names which make the album work, however, and tracks like "Habib" will surely have the likes of Mel Gibson hurriedly plundering the bargain bins at Woolworth for use in the soundtrack of their next epic movie. You do wonder whether Sting was off on his fag break though...

N: Undoubtedly the fact that this bears the Real World label will spark interest in certain circles, but agreed, it is the artists gathered here who should really ignite intrigue. Admitted, from my own personal interest, it is singer songwriter Joseph Arthur who was my starting point.

T: And?

N: Well I think you've already said what needs to be said about the music, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, I think you've already said what needs to be said about the music. 7/10

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