Album Reviews: July 2008


Naturally 7 - Ready II Fly (Absolute) 30/06/2008

T: Well, it hasn't started as badly as I expected it to. From the album sleeve, it appeared as though this was going to be the black East 17, but then they proceeded to sound like Naughty By Nature. By the time we get to track two, "Open Your Eyes", however, they've started doing that incredibly irritating warbly "I love my voice - listen to how emotional I am" crap and I've lost all the respect I briefly thought I was beginning to build up. This is actually horrible. Of course, their latest single is a take on "In The Air Tonight". Well boys, I can feel my finger wavering over the off switch today.

N: Naturally 7, or to put it another way, 1 for each day of the week. Admittedly, this band, or troupe, are a more convincing New Kids On The Block in all but age, as one of them certainly looks as though middle aged spread has already arrived. Ok, on the positive side, production is as you would expect - slickly done, and the boys harmonise well, but at the end of the day, this is a girls' album, and loses any credibility it might garner for the drivel they are promoting.

T: I wouldn't discredit girls with being as stupid as that...

N: Neither would I, but I think when they sat down and conceived this concept, this was their target audience.

T: So what you're saying is, in essence, they're just out for a shag.

N: You might say that. I cannot possibly comment.

T: Fair play then. 3/10

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