Album Reviews: July 2007


The Bluetones - The Early/Garage Years (Cooking Vinyl) 30/07/2007

T: It's difficult to disagree with Bluetones' drummer Eds Chesters that they were "the best band in Hounslow in 1994". When he goes on to say they were possibly even he best band in the WORLD, I find it slightly harder to concur! This is a collection of the band's early demos that would mostly make up their well respected debut album "Expecting To Fly", and it actually doesn't sound all that different from the finished article, which must be to the record company's credit. Pleasant pop songs that are unlikely to offend anybody.

N: Bluetones - The Early Years could just as easily be referred to as The Charlatans' Demos, on hearing "Are You Blue Or Are You Blind". These demos reek of a long forgotten passage in music - the early nineties. Bands whose thoughts and aspirations never made it further than a handful of University gigs and a reference on local television; of course The Bluetones were one of the lucky ones, but here, you are hearing them like all the rest. 8/10

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The Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up (Capitol) 25/06/2007

Billed as "their first-ever full album of all-new instrumental material" this album is just that, it's The Beastie Boys in the studio, just, well jamming. It won't be an album filled with chart classics, neither will it be an album that will necessarily be ripe for the dance floor, I'd describe this as an album to get wasted to, an album that slows the whole process of living down. Its thick soupy sounds are like the smoke coming from a bong, or Bob Marley's dressing room.

This is no 'Ill Communication', 'Paul's Boutique' or 'Licensed to Ill', but this may be in its own small way a classic of a kind, a concept album if you like. Its wholey structured content is loose and flowing. Go on, get monged. 6/10

Nick James

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