Album Reviews: June 2007


The Sinister Cleaners - Shine (Aaz Recordings) 21/05/2007

T: I hadn't heard the name Sinister Cleaners for YEARS before this turned up, and the reason is that they probably haven't been played in that long. John Peel was a fan, and Janice Long played them on the odd occasion, but they never got round to releasing their debut album initially, refusing to play the corporate game and remaining fiercely independent. As a result, after contacting each other over the past 12 months or so, the band have decided to complete the album 20 years later; hence this is the debut album from The Sinister Cleaners, some two decades on from whence it was started!

N: Songs complete with refreshingly honest lyrics that draw the listener into the web frontman John Parkes weaves; undoubtedly an album of its day. The shades of a McCulloch led outfit seem to tower above them; but like a trip down memory lanes, these songs have the ability to evoke memories long forgotten in those of us old enough to know better, and still young enough to care.

T: Refreshingly honest? In "Bastards", he sings (about hippies) "Give me a bomb that I can drop on the heads of all those bastards". Are you implying that Parkes is a would be serial killer?

N: As I say, refreshingly honest. Have you never gone to bed wishing someone harm, and yet waking up in the morning to continue your life without a stain?

T: No, actually I normally just go to bed with a lob on, and generally other men are the last thing on my mind...Anyway, regardless of this, it is an absolutely wonderful album full of references of the best bands of yesteryear, and puts any number of the new boys to shame. 9/10

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