Album Reviews: June 2006


Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo To Anywhere (Vertigo) 08/05/2006

As a casual observer, you'd be forgiven for believing that with the very public departure of Pete Doherty from The Libertines, that that was that for Carl Barat and the remaining members. Far from it in fact and if you'd liked The Libertines first 2 albums, then you'll no doubt be smitten by what I will casually oberserve as being their third! A band's music is more than just their name and even though this may have been a hard fought issue at one point, revived and rejuvenated, The Dirty Pretty Things have risen, phoenix like from the ashes of their former incarnation and presentated 12 new songs, over a rather megre 36 minutes in which they will blow you away. 9/10

Nick James

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