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This Et Al – Baby Machine (Monotones) 09/04/2007

It seems like it’s been AGES coming, This Et Al’s debut long player, but was it worth the wait? Well, half and half is the answer if you ask me. On the one hand you have the remarkable, sweeping altitudes of such gorgeous numbers as “Of National Importance” and the magnanimous “Catscan”, but somehow the slower tracks, such as “Cabin Hum”, don’t really do it for me, and “Can You Speak European?” seems rather too cluttered to make the impact it ought to.

Don’t get me wrong – when these tracks hit the heady heights of the formerly mentioned gems it’s like Shoegazing has had a brand new fancy makeover in order to appeal to slacker, cool kids, rich kids, poor kids and the kids who’ve been put back two years alike. The raging penultimate number, the charmingly titled “Pigs Make Children Sick”, for example, is a wondrous hunk of unabashed fervour, bursting with energy and making its dramatic exit through an excessive white noise and what sounds like Radio Luxembourg! This is what This Et Al do best, and it all paves the way for an intense finale, “Transmit The Ends”, which I can only describe as Wire on hallucinogens.

Anyway, I guess my “half and half” comment was a tad wide of the mark earlier in this review. This album is well worth any self respecting music lover’s cash. It’ll never make the mainstream public’s I-pods, but is that necessarily a bad thing? This is something a bit different and for that, you have to doff your cap. 8/10

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