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Erasure - Union Street (Mute) 18/04/2006

Messrs Bell and Clarke rework eleven previous tracks from their albums of yesterday. Guitars instead of synths - should be interesting.

T: Wow, Erasure with guitars sounds bewilderingly like the little known Morrissey championed band of the late eighties, Bradford. Remember "In Liverpool"? Actually I don't find them half as irritating in this guise. In fact, I can almost find myself enjoying some of these tracks, despite having disliked the band intensely since they began. As far as gay duos go, Soft Cell and the Pet Shop Boys piss all over them. Perhaps even literally. Still, this has a lot more going for it than the camp Europop they usually bombard us with.

N: The band's idea of showing their material in a fresh light is a clever one, if not entirely original. I don't even recognise Andy Bell's vocals. Some of these do tend to stray into the comedic though, hitting lows that we're otherwise unused to, and the general feel of the music is one that is tinged in a country light, which is another anomaly we thought we'd never hear. As for my colleague's comments (some of them at least!) being far less bathed in the light of a carnival in Rio, this should find a whole new audience willing to accept Erasure as a band, rather than what they have made for themselves prior to this, that is, if they're willing to cast aside their preconceptions. All in all this is a very chilled out affair.

T: But I still can't get the nightmare of the thong wearing Bell appearing at the second half of a gig I was dragged kicking and screaming to with my ex-missus out of my head, so I don't forgive them THAT much...

N: Fair point. 6/10

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