Album Reviews: March 2002



Blackshine - Soulless And Proud (SPV)

Aah Sweden. Land of Saunas and little inhibiton. And the home of Blackshine, a Scandinavian Heavy Metal band that evolved from a Stockholm Death Metal quartet called Hetshead. Hmm. Should be interesting then.

N: Kill Kill Kill Die Die Die. I f***ed your mother and now she calls me Papa. Now come to think of it, I would defy anybody to transcribe the lyrics from this recording...

T: Hold on I'm going to have a go. I think it's "My cider ruler babe, eighteen feet, my nose is big, the car is all grey Gene".

N: See what I mean? I heard the words "Hell" and "Grave", and "It's beautiful here". Where the hell is he? Perhaps that's answered my question.

T: It sounds a bit like Anthrax.

N: Is that the group or the affliction? But in the group's defence, and God do they need it, if you listen to the "melody", there is one. Not too sure about their ideas on artwork there. But hold on a minute, is that Courtney Love?

T: Ah come on, there's nothing wrong with basing your sleeve around Carrie. I think we might differ on this one, because I quite liked it. 5/10 web site


Soil - Scars (j records)

First released transatlantic last year, the group now come to Britain.

N: This could be Faith No More, but with an ounce of the talent. I can't understand how he manages to SING that way. It must take hours of training.

T: No. He just gargles with the gravel from your driveway.

N: That'd be interesting, because my drive's block paved. Maybe that would explain it.

T: I must admit, it's a bit too extreme for my liking. I'm sure it would go down a storm in rock clubs all over the UK however. There's no doubt about that. It's just a bit over my head I'm afraid.

N: He's got lovely hair though. I wonder what conditioner he uses. No, I take back what I first said. I'm starting to warm to this. What they do they do well.

T: No arguments there. Unless you want an argument of course?

N: DO you want to take it outside? 7/10 web site


Face To Face - How To Ruin Everything (B-Unique/Vagrant)

This band have been namechecked by the likes of Alkaline Trio, Blink 182 and Saves The Day over the ten years that their career has spanned so far.

N: I can see now where those bands who namecheck them have got their influence from, but I feel that this is like buying Kellogs cornflakes over the Supermarket brands. This is the real deal.

T: I can't believe how much they sound like the Clash's fantastic debut album mixed with a massive helping of Stiff Little Fingers. If those two bands hadn't influenced these guys enormously I would be bewildered. Now, I guess you could say it's handy that I am a huge huge fan of The Clash and have the utmost respect for most of the groups from the golden era of Punk.

N: These guys do what they do well, only better. I can't say I ever warmed to this particular brand exported by our waffle munching cousins, but hey, I'm glad I gave them my attention. But can you hear Ash here?

T: Oddly enough, yes. And I know this kind of stuff is better off in the seventies. But what the hell, it's great. 8/10 web site


Lit - Atomic (RCA)

You just can't fault a band who make a video featuring a giant 8 foot mullet sporting robot...can you?

N: The first track on this album sports a fantastic chorus. I can see the kids pogoing and joining in.

T: I think they sound very similar to Green Day, and is very much in line with the current emo-rock bands that have been pretty much our soul saviours in chartland this year. And the first line of "The Last Time Again", which quotes "I don't wanna be an asshole anymore" is such a great introduction to a song, don't you think?

J: He doesn't mince his words does he? "You're such a dick to me". Pretty straightforward anyway.

T: This just tramples all over the bodies of the other albums this month. And then it kicks them back down if they show any signs of recovery. A gloriously triumphant album.

N: Another one I have been favourably surprised at, and they've even nicked part of our name as the title of the album. Touching.

T: Aaah. How could we not like it after that? 9/10 web site


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