Album Reviews: March 2008


Eels - Meet The Eels - Useless Trinkets... (Geffen) 21/01/2008

Released to coincide with their first "best of" compilation (reviewed by ourselves below), this is something of a treat. Pitched as 'B-sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased (1996-2006)', or otherwise "Useless Trinkets", this 3-disc set is in fact far from it. A 'must' for fans of this band, whose ever changing line-up of musicians collected together to play the songs of singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett, or just 'E' to those who have been 'touched' is far from being considered a "useless" project. 2 CD's and a DVD works to bring together 50 audio tunes of work of the highest quality and alternative variety, as well as 6 video playbacks of the band's "Lollapalooza" set from 2006, including a vocal, guitar and tambourine contribution from the guy in the 'security' T-shirt.

Releases of this nature are often done with little thought as to their longevity, or place in a record collection - an afterthought almost. But rest assured this collection is a must for the fan and a serious consideration for the interested party, from every second of the 2 and a half hours of audio playback, or the on stage clowning around of the DVD, to the comprehensive colour book - get it while you can. 10/10

Nick James

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