Album Reviews: March 2007


Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob (b-unique/Polydor) 26/02/2007

N: A band of the moment, with this album eagerly awaited by media and public alike. Has all the hype been worthwhile, Tone?

T: Well with 2005's "Employmernt" Ricky Wilson and co. proved they were no slouches when it came to writing a killer hook or two. This time around the choruses are not quite so savagely infectious. This may be rewarding upon further spins and it feels like the boys have moved into big trousers. It's a bizarre coincidence that I've been playing the best of the 'Monochrome Set' in my car as the track 'Heat Dies Down' on this latest offering sounds alarmingly like 'Jet Set Junta'. Not a big problem admittedly as they were one of the most underrated bands of all time in my opinion. All in all a pretty confident, nice enough second album.

N: Certainly the "killer hooks" are somewhat lacking here, but as I listen further, this work appears to be a lot less like one of fashion and more like an album you would be rewarded for dipping into some 10 years down the line. The songwriting has certainly matured and isn't about 3-minute pop songs; seems funny that they released 'Ruby' as the first single to be taken from this album, and lead track too. Perhaps a bold move to mark the next phase in their career. 8/10

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