Album Reviews: March 2006


Buzcocks - Flat-Pack Philosophy (Cooking Vinyl) 06/03/2006

One of the greatest pop bands of all time, Buzzcocks released around a dozen classic 3-minute singles back in the late 70's and early 80's. It is to their credit that they have continued ever since, without looking like the tired old has-beens they could so easily have become. Does Shelly and co's 8th studio album cut the mustard with Nick and Tone?

T: They've still got that punchy uplift...

N: That eager want in their sound...

T: ...And an incredible knack for writing infectious melodies that stick with you like a pan cake from the pan.

N: Some of the mixes between tracks may not be quite as slick as we're used to today, but this is 1977, isn't it?

T: It may as well be because Buzzcocks are still a great night at the pub, where you end up with a smile on you every time.

N: Simple, strong hooks that don't take rocket science to understand. And track 8, genius. 8/10

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