Album Reviews: February 2007


The Hours - Narcissus Road (EMI) 05/02/2007

T: The beginning of recent single "Ali In The Jungle" reminds me of a mellow Smashing Pumpkins track, but then doesn't sound anything like them by the end, perhaps borrowing the melodic structuring of Springsteen, who would appear to be flavour of the year, let alone month, for a lot of bands doing the rounds at the moment. Seems to be an album that would be easy to lose yourself in and it makes a refreshing change for these artists to base their sound on the classic songwriters of days gone by than forever trying to emulate The Clash, which, as we've seen time and time again, cannot be done. Turn out the lights and immerse yourself - this is yet another fine album in what really has been an astonishing start to the year for terrific releases.

N: I found the first track here, "Ali In The Jungle", a necessary diversion before the main dish was served in the title track, whose whole being was filled with all the best bits, although I didn't necessarily make the connection until I'd taken the first bite of track two. The album continues in fine form with the majesty continuing in the shape of the single "Back When We Were Good". "Love You More" carries on in fine fettle, but I'd take exception with the line "I love you more than my record collection..." - they obviously don't own Chapterhouse's rare 12" "Die Die Die" - but can be caught mentioning The Clash in the song, so really this makes no sense. Well, tracks continue, and at each turn, add something from which to take sustenance. So all in all, much along the lines as you have said. 2007 is turning out to be a good year so far.

T: It's all very heartening for the future of music. 9/10

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