Album Reviews: January 2008


John Parkes - Illegal Songs (Aaz Recordings) 14/01/2008

T: So, fresh from gaining two places in the Atomicduster "Best of 2007" list, not least the coveted number one slot, can John Parkes continue to impress with his latest solo offering?

N: Well, namechecking more musical luminaries than you could shake a stick at, Parkes makes his credentials clear, and light hearted nature visible. Certainly a good start.

T: And once again, he's shown that he's a true visionary songwriter. Just one glance at the tracklisting proves that you're in for a more than interesting ride - "Glorification Of Terrorism", "Incitement To Religious Hatred", "Pray For Recession" and "The Dog Ate My Song" are proof indeed that what you said rings true. Intelligent, witty and high on impact, I'm beginning to wonder if there is a better songwriter doing the rounds at present. I doubt it.

N: All in all, musically and lyrically engaging; this man certainly provides an enlightening ride, and you can certainly see why he was a Peel favourite. 9/10

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