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The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth (Rough Trade) 02/01/2006

T: I must confess, this has rather usurped me. After "Room on Fire" sounded pretty much the carbon copy of "Is This It?", I was anticipating more of the same, but no, Casablancas and co have dared to be different, incorporating some Led Zep style guitar solos and no longer using The Stooges as a blatant blueprint and hey, they're all the better for it if you ask me. It's rather a summery album, full of all kinds of positive emotion and prettiness. Perhaps I wrote them off too soon after their last album (although you wouldn't know that, because the ed reviewed the latter release on his own last time and loved it). Anyway, full credit to the band for this. It's great.

N: No complaints here then, the band have produced an album I felt on first encounter was a very liquid listen, and slipped into the conscientiousness with ease, although a little unsure if the twelfth track "Ize Of The World" should've stopped quite as abruptly as it did on my copy, or maybe this was just an artistic thing? Tone mentions bands like Led Zep and The Stogges, but I found some of the melodies bore a resemblance to the likes of Television and Verlaine's guitar work in particular. Certainly this album has a refreshing diversity, that I resign may have been abscent on earlier outings. Casablancas' lazy drawl is the band's trademark and this time round strays almost into a swagger as he sings his way throughout the album. You'll fall in love with this affair, so easy is this medicine to take and the melodies which act as their carrier. I think he's already said it, but just great! (eh Tone?). 9/10

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Sarandon – The Feminist Third (Wrath) [7" mini album] 05/12/2005

I’m not quite sure what to make of this band to be honest. One thing I’m utterly certain of though is that Peely would’ve loved them!

Ridiculously short tracks, often quirky, and flitting between sounding part Nightingales, part Wedding Present, “The Feminist Third” is an engaging listen all the way through. Don’t boil the kettle while it’s on though whatever you do, because you’ll miss about three quarters of the album if you do!

Standout track for me is the manically fucked up “Manky”, and you just can’t help wondering if the band’s just taking the piss at times…

What’s not to like about this band? It’s easily embraceable if you’re not completely stupid, and possibly more so if even if you are.
Play me a sillier release this year and I’ll willingly eat my own gall bladder. And a Pot Noodle. 8/10

Tone E

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